The Presents

on average we spend £370 each on presents

How much does it cost to shower Mum in the same perfume, Dad in a mountain of socks and relatives we barely know in Boots three-for-two gift sets?

The average spend is just under £400 with 20.06% of Brits spending between £100 and £200 on gifts.

Food and Drink

over half of us are spending more than £100 on food and drink

Christmas indulgence with food and drink can be just as important as giving presents. However, we actually spend a little less on treating our stomachs than buying gifts, with the average person paying out £144.

Going Out

The festive period is probably the most social time of the year in Britain. From Christmas parties to merry evenings in the pub - how much do we part with over the season when it comes to socialising?

1 in 5 spend more than £100 on going out


on average people spend £126 on festive trips to visit family

With so many people spread across the UK, visiting friends and family doesn’t always mean nipping down the road. Nearly half of those surveyed (46.1%) travel at Christmas to see relatives.

The Price We Pay

26% of us are relying on quick cash lenders to pay for christmas

Many are turning to borrowing to fund Christmas. Across the nation 14% of those who responded said they would be resorting to additional credit; borrowing an average £261.

the average person is sitting on £275 of clutter

However, there is a responsible and easy way to get quick cash this Christmas: musicMagpie. 17% of savvy customers have already sold their unwanted things to help with the cost of Christmas. With the average person sitting on £275 of clutter, selling your stuff could make the festive period much easier!